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Useful Links:

1) Improve Your Writing Skills

-----> Improve your writing Skills

-----> Create your own wnglish online course

-----> Provide motivated students for academice and business applicatoins and to provide free onoine self-study english language materials for both native and no-native speakers.

2) English-Chinese Online Dictionary

------> Provides English to Chinese online dictionary

------> Includes GB, BIG5, Image Output

3) Pascal Programming

------> The intent of Pascal Centre is to provide that Pascal community one place to obtain Pascal technical information, Pascal Source Code and Pascal related internet links.

4) Tips on writing Acadamic Essays

------> Explore how to write an essay. Give you tips on writing an acadamic essay

5) SPACE Virtual Learning Centre

------> This is a cool website which provides online learning for the SPACE students. Pupils can post their doubts, check their course schedules....... It is really very useful site for the students.